Bench International

Digitization of Healthcare Technology

Bench delivers premier global executive recruitment acumen to the rapidly melding disciplines of life sciences and digital technology.

Bench International Technology Team (BITT)

Life sciences is going through a sea change with the rapid adoption of digital technology, impacting every aspect of the organization. Bench has assembled an A-team of thought leaders, representing life sciences, healthcare, digital technology and entrepreneurship, to complement its 45+ years of experience in life sciences executive recruitment and provide strategic direction, market insights and trend identification. Bench is excited to share this knowledge and offer counsel and recruitment expertise to our life sciences companies to build a next-generation C-suite and board to excel and add value in this burgeoning field.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Our BITT Advisory Board members are visionaries in their respective fields and strategically selected to help us and our clients define how digital technology is implemented, managed and monetized, and the resulting impact on next generation leadership roles.

We make life-changing placements so our clients can change lives!®