Animal Health Recruiting

Access to Top Leaders Across the Life Sciences

We make life changing placements, so our clients can change lives® for all humans, dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, poultry, fish, and more.

Animal Health companies continue to push boundaries, increasing the complexity of the therapies, devices, and other technologies, advancing standards of pet care and livestock disease prevention. Bench’s Animal Health Team brings expertise within critical verticals, including cell & gene therapy, monoclonal antibodies, microbiome, diagnostics, digital technologies, and medical devices.

As innovation is driven at the interface of human health and veterinary science, Bench’s global access to leaders across the Life Science sector enables us to deliver top candidates Board Members, CEOs, C-suite, and the Executive Management Team.

*   Our extensive database includes over 100,000 Leaders in both Animal Health and Human Pharma & Biotech
*   Over 50% of our projects are focused in immunology, oncology, regenerative medicine, & consumer products
*   We commit to placing leaders that fit into our clients’ unique organizational culture, evaluating both eligibility and suitability through a 3rd party assessment tool
*   We partner with our clients to design & prioritize hiring needs based on concrete milestones