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“Value vs. Value”

By DeeDee DeMan – This article begins to represent a definitive difference between “Value” vs. “Value”. It’s easy to identify the investment “value” in this current M&A flurry. It is less transparent to understand the “value” of how R&D innovation translates as we focus on drugs and their access to patients in M&A frenzied era.

6 Healthcare Stocks Investors Can’t Miss in Q3 Earnings October 07, 2016, 12:22:21 PM EDT By Zacks Equity Research, Shutterstock photo Controversies surrounding drug prices are again making it to the headlines, this time spurred by the EpiPen price hike issue . Generic drug maker Mylan N.V. drew flak from lawmakers for over-pricing its epinephrine auto-injector, EpiPen (severe allergic reactions) around the end of Aug 2016.

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