Strategic Consulting backup

Supporting and Growing Emergent Companies

Bench also offers Strategic Consulting for new companies as well as established but challenged companies as they emerge from periods of fiscal emergencies, legal crises, mergers, divestitures, major leadership changes or sudden reorganization. We also consult on business strategy and taking new products to market.

Rebuilding and Revitalizing Companies in Transition

Many Life Sciences companies face serious and immediate obstacles including mergers, reorganizations and other crises. We help Life Sciences companies with a targeted, custom-tailored consulting methodology to repair, rebuild and revitalize.
For companies recovering from crisis, the inability to financially invest in outside resources presents an insurmountable obstacle with many traditional search firms. We offer a variety of flexible, long-term compensation options, such as the offset of cash fees with equity and other creative models structured around a coinvestment with out client companies. Our top focus is not on short-term profits, but rather on building long-term relationships with — and long-term success for — our clients.