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Dignity and Grace Meets Indignity and Unconscionable Disgrace

Posted by DeeDee DeMan – Ken Frazier took a step that was unquestionably necessary, as a Human Being, a Man of Color, and a Leader of Leaders.  Ken stepping down from the President’s Manufacturing Council, is the only response that is an acceptable step any true Leader can make.  Our US political leadership would better serve our nation, as well as how our nation is viewed, geopolitically, if they would thoughtfully differentiate, before bashing our entire Life Sciences Industry.  The majority of our community embrace and conduct themselves with the same values Ken and Merck possess,  “Courage, achievement, responsibility, respect, integrity and transparency,” and we, the majority, are deeply committed to significant R&D investment that changes the course of diseases.

Merck CEO Ken Frazier, the only African-American to run a top global biopharma company, very publicly tendered his resignation from President Trump’s manufacturing council in the wake of a growing controversy over the president’s inability to single out white supremacy groups in the violent protests over the weekend in Charlottesville, VA.

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