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Immuno-oncology is primed to be one of the market’s hottest industries

Immuno-oncology is primed to be one of the market’s hottest industries

Posted by DeeDee DeMan – When we think of the most competitive industries in the marketplace today, app creation, custom software development and other tech companies certainly come to mind. One we don’t think about often, however, is immuno-oncology, and we should, because this market is as cutting-edge as any other.

Immuno-oncology is a cancer-fighting approach that relies on the body’s own immune system to combat the disease. In the marketplace, the platform technology companies and firms specializing in gene therapy surrounding immuno-oncology are growing rapidly. Their goal is to create off-the-shelf responses for patients that need them.

There are more than 60 companies active in the modern competitive market, and as time progresses, some will disappear, while others will grow and swallow their lesser competitors. Technology will play a role in differentiating these companies and some will invariably realize their drug asset does not have a role in the marketplace. Others too will be failed by faltering leadership, an outcome that can be prevented.

For those that remain, democratization and a pro-patient stance will be critical to not only survive but to thrive. This will be particularly true for emerging growth companies who may find their inherent nimbleness empowered via a partnership with a larger pharma firm.

The immuno-oncology market as a whole will be exciting to watch over these next few years because it is loaded with pioneers. The risk of failure may be great, but for those firms that do survive, and for their patients as well, so too will be the reward.