Bench International

Astar Lambert

VP, Strategic Business Operations

Our hallmarks:

Astar is dedicated to achieving operational excellence, applying strategic project management principles, and impacting and enhancing all of Bench’s corporate and business operations, including Bench’s Board Advisory practice.

Astar joined Bench in 2014, bringing with her a unique blend of analytical acumen and creative ingenuity. She is adept at transforming complex data into actionable insights, leveraging her background in web and graphic design, to craft compelling marketing materials that power business growth.

Her intuitive grasp of organizational dynamics, honed through diverse career experiences, makes Astar an effective change agent. She provides valuable insights into Bench’s array of products including, talent mapping, competitor analysis, and industry trending, all of which inform business decision-making that has consistently driven strategic growth throughout her tenure.

Astar has adapted her rigor and adaptability, from years of focused and dedicated marathon training, equipping her to navigate complex projects skillfully, especially with aggressive timelines.

A University of Massachusetts alum with a B.A. in Communication, Astar’s professional journey is marked by continuous learning and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

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