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Press Release: Bench International to grow life science companies in San Diego

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The city of San Diego has all the components to become a global R&D hub, and Bench International is announcing its footprint and commitment to make a direct impact by building the hub’s position on the global life science stage.

Effective Sept. 1, Bench International has become embedded in the heart of San Diego’s leading incubator of emerging biotech companies and is now residing in BioLabs San Diego offices. This expansion is being co-led by Denise (DeeDee) DeMan, Chairman and CEO, and Kim Mittemeyer, Regional Head, San Diego. In their work with BioLabs Bench International will provide emerging life science companies with coaching, leadership development, and executive and R&D leadership recruiting, thereby ensuring a high rate of success for the burgeoning companies leaving the incubator.

“With 40+ years of life science expertise and well over $150 billion in successful exits for companies we have built or rebuilt, we’re ready to respond not only more proximally to our current San Diego client base and continue to expand our relationships, but to give back by supporting the emerging companies, ensuring they are ready to take on their competitive markets,” stated DeeDee DeMan. “San Diego has every opportunity to scale and ultimately exceed the growth and success of Cambridge and Boston. The cost of doing business, the cost of living, the quality of scientific and medical talent and, of course, the environment, are all tangible assets for making this happen.”

While Bench’s formal engagement with BioLabs has just begun, established life science players in San Diego are excited to have Bench as a partner.

“The experience and the approach to recruiting that Bench International is bringing to the San Diego community will benefit us immensely in a rapidly growing market where we truly have a need for high-caliber recruitment to ensure that we hire the most qualified professionals to keep our industry at the forefront of innovation,” said Joe Panetta, President and CEO of Biocom. “As a founding partner and sponsor of BioLabs we know how important it is for life science companies within BioLabs to be able to attract the diversity of talent that they require, and that those companies will be successful in large part due to the talent of their employees. There is no better formula for their success than to work with Bench International in their recruiting.”

About Bench International

From building companies de novo to turning ailing companies into thriving ones, Bench International has a long history of taking emerging research and development-based companies through to commercial success around the world by finding the right leaders to enable these companies to soar. You can learn more about Bench International at