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Bench Animal Health Division Turns 2!

Bench Animal Health Division Turns 2!

Recognizing the increasing sophistication of the science and technologies in companion animal health and AgTech, Bench International launched our Animal Health Division in 2019. Our goal is to bring Bench’s 45+ years of global life science executive recruitment to support the growth of an industry that cares deeply about our pets, our food sources, and how these elements contribute to the health and wellness of the world.

Through our conversations with CEOs, Human Resource leaders, and investors in the space, we learned that while relationships and referral networks are strong, there were limited options for support in identifying C-suite leaders and other senior executives, and there is an ongoing interest in increasing the diversity of the teams within the industry.

Highlighting some of our projects over the last few years, we have placed a US-based CEO of a European AgTech start-up, that aims to sustainably feed the world, the CSO of a regenerative medicine startup pioneering stem cell banking and autologous cell therapies for companion animals, and created a partnership between an Indian-based generic company and a distributor network within the United States, bringing more affordable therapies to the US market.

“Bench is incredibly proud of our association with the animal health community and the many ways in which it impacts our lives on a daily basis, and we are looking forward to contributing to its growth and evolution well into the future,” said Founder and CEO of Bench International, DeeDee DeMan.

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Bench International is a premier woman-founded and owned, global retained executive search firm serving the Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Animal Health sectors for over 45 years. The firm is one of the most renowned experts in diversity recruitment at the board and executive level. Sharing our clients’ patient-centric focus, Bench’s mission is to make life changing placements so our clients can change lives!® With headquarters in San Diego, California, and satellite offices in San Francisco, New York, Boston, London, and Geneva, Bench is One Global Team, No Borders, No Boundaries and One Global Budget, thus mitigating internally competitive offices. For more information visit

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