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Women on Boards
Bridge the gap in boardrooms with Bench's Women on Boards program. Our unique and personalized mentoring initiative connects high-potential women leaders with experienced board members, providing them with the skills and guidance necessary to excel in the boardroom.
Empower Women Leaders: Close the Gender Gap in Boardrooms

Bench proudly introduces Women on Boards, a groundbreaking mentoring program designed to empower women leaders. Our initiative focuses on personalized, one-on-one engagement, pairing accomplished women with seasoned board members who understand the importance of diversity in leadership.

The Bank of Women®: Cultivating Talent for Boardrooms

Within Women on Boards, we’ve developed the Bank of Women®. This sub-initiative identifies and supports highly qualified women leaders who may not have traditional boardroom experience but possess exceptional talent and expertise. We believe in capitalizing on the wealth of potential within our network to ensure diverse and impactful board compositions.

Cultural Fit, Expertise, and Experience

With 50 years of expertise in the life sciences sector, Bench International is uniquely positioned to ensure a perfect cultural fit for both our women leaders and the clients we represent. Our focus goes beyond traditional qualifications, prioritizing cultural alignment and diverse perspectives for boardroom success.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential Today

Ready to take your seat at the table? Discover how Bench’s Women on Boards program can help you achieve your leadership goals. Learn more and get started on your journey to the boardroom.