Retained Executive Search

The Bench Difference

Executive Recruitment Exclusively Focused on Life Sciences

Unlike other generalist executive recruitment firms, our exclusive Life Science focus means we serve only select companies working in highly specialized areas:

  • pharmaceutical
  • healthcare
  • consumer health

This exclusive focus translates to an acute insight and skill set, fine-tuned to handle issues unique to the field.

The Right Leader Means Everything.®

Since 1974, the foremost companies in Life Sciences have entrusted Bench International to identify and develop their most essential assets: key executives who provide transformational leadership.

Our hallmarks;

  • clients never see the same group of usual suspects
  • a shared-risk fee structure
  • efficient timetables
  • equal attention to the hardscape (skills sets) and the softscape (passion)
  • cultural alignment and fit between executive and company
  • full disclosure – the good and the bad
  • long-term impact, including wide-ranging retention programs and consulting support.
  • no surprises
  • ethics above all else
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How a Candidate Functions

Unparalleled Access to Premiere Global Life Sciences Executive Talent

No firm in the Life Science and healthcare sectors is more widely networked than the Bench team. We do not recruit candidates. We find and place executive talent with the ability and drive to make a difference and major impact.

Our process isn’t magic, but does require extensive vetting and due diligence:

  • in-person, in-depth investigations of each executive (and also his/her spouse)
  • evaluation and assessment of experience, competencies, accomplishments and translatability of each executive
  • Harrison Innerview® assessment comparing innate characteristics and determinants, i.e., beliefs, values, adaptability, teaching and integrity against the position and organizational needs

We only advance those executives who are ready to lead on day one – executives not merely qualified for the job, but whose personality, attitude and approach will best fit into a client’s culture and goals. If this is not the case, we won’t hesitate to pull an executive even in the eleventh hour if circumstances warrant. This makes our work more difficult, but it is the only way we ever have or ever will do business.