Women on Boards

Women on Boards - Bold Leaders Defy Glass and Break Cement Ceilings®

Bench has established a “Women on Boards” franchise which is a unique and highly-personalized mentoring program involving one-on-one engagement with women leaders who possess the skills and experience required to be successful in adding significant value to Board compositions.  Utilizing our wisdom gained over 40+ years working exclusively in the life sciences sector, Bench International’s focus extends beyond gaining insight from women leaders who already hold Board positions to identify and engage those women leaders who, although equally capable and desirous of serving in a Board capacity, are “less obvious” and thus overlooked. Equally important is Bench International’s expertise in probing, understanding and identifying cultural fit in order to ensure a successful result for both our women leaders and the clients we represent.

For more information on Bench’s “Women on Boards” franchise please visit www.benchwob.com