Proprietary Approach

Milestone-Accountable Timetable & Fee Structure

We base our compensation on results delivered, not arbitrary timelines. Many traditional retained search firms base compensation solely on time milestones or require full payment before any placement is even made! Some firms even put internal objectives before client outcomes, appease shareholders or boost their own financial gain. Our milestone accountable approach in executive recruiting aligns our economic interest with that of our clients.

Our standard timeline:

  • < 2 weeks – present client with a diverse slate of potential executives with complete CVs
  • < 6 weeks – conduct follow-up interviews, design summary grids and determine finalist selection
  • 12 – 16 weeks – offer extended with excellent alternative leaders already in position. Our average time to close is less than four months.

We structure our fees based on performance milestones aligned with our project performance timeline.

Our Values

Absolute Integrity in Action and Communication
We do what we say we will do.

  • Full disclosure
  • Under promise, Over deliver
  • No excuses

Pioneering Through Diversity

Bold Leaders Defy Glass and Break Cement Ceilings®

Bench is a woman-pioneered company. Part of our differentiators include strength and tenacity, through the decades we have relentlessly worked alongside our clients to ensure top tier talent. Complementary backgrounds, skills and experiences make Bench and our clients stronger, more resilient and ultimately more successful. Bench takes particular pride in its success in placing and retaining top talent among women and underrepresented groups. Over 50% of hires in the last five years meet diversity standards.

Forthright Honesty and Collaboration

A resume that looks great on paper doesn’t guarantee a great hire. Together with you, our client we focus on your needs and your company’s cultural “fit”.


We never give up! We don’t turn our back on our Clients.