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Patients reaping the benefits of great collaboration advancements in Digital Health.

Posted by: Natasha Allen, SVP & General Manager UK, Bench International

I read this article a couple of day ago, which then lead to reading numerous others, it is wonderful to see so many organizations taking positive steps to address and provide patient friendly and workable solutions to ensure adherence.  As we are all very aware, every form of treatment and medication faces adherence issues and we are all guilty or have previously been guilty of not completing a full course or forgetting to take medication on time, but for many in the patient population, adherence is a huge safety concern.

We here at Bench are incredibly proud to also be a part of this vital work; last year the Drug Information Association approached us for advice, in identifying a world-renowned pioneer in the digital space for their 30th Annual meeting, being held in Basel in April 2018.  We were very pleased to be able to have introduced them to Dr. George Savage, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Proteus Digital Health, whom we have previously had the honor of partnering with and as a result, he agreed to be one of the keynote speakers.  Dr. Savage has a successful track record of starting and developing technology-based healthcare companies in Silicon Valley. He sees Digital Medicine as an invaluable collaboration platform for both patient and physician, integrating information about a patient’s response to therapy directly into everyday healthcare and he is focused on developing the clinical and economic evidence needed to secure global regulatory approvals and spur widespread adoption of Proteus’s ingestible sensor platform.   Dr. Savage, graciously also offered to hold a private breakfast with several leaders in the Pharma community ahead of the Annual Meeting, which Bench was proud to arrange and sponsor.

We are greatly encouraged by the advancements being made and we look forward to creating further partnerships with other organizations as they turn their attention to this critical area of innovation and to sharing our growing network and expertise, to help them to help others.

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