Board Consulting

Directors are among the most difficult leaders to find, but Bench relishes the challenge. For 40 years, Bench has served as trusted counsel to CEOs, chairmen and governance committees. across the Life Sciences, healthcare and consumer health sectors. Our veteran consultants have “seen everything” and every member of our elite team has worked with the industry’s leading companies in the capacity of director or higher; our top consultants also possess first-hand board experience of their own. The Bench team remains abreast of the legislation and governance codes impacting board members and stays up-to-date with best practices and evolving standards of board governance.

Bench routinely consults with a diverse group of clients on a broad range of Board-level subjects and concerns, including:

  • Director Compensation
  • Board Composition
  • Director Orientation
  • Board Evaluation & Transition
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • CEO Evaluation & Transition
  • Succession Planning
  • Committee Structuring

The most effective boards leverage and balance their directors’ experiences, capabilities and personalities to enrich the company with their business judgment, “big picture” perspective and time-honored wisdom. Bench International’s expert board consulting enables our clients to fortify their board structure, improve governance and plot a course toward a thriving future.